If your plans involve construction of new properties, we can assist you through the whole process.


  • Environmental Impact and Risk: Design and composition of environmental impact statements, exemptions and monitoring of terms and conditions.
  • Forestry: Design and composition of Justifying Technical Studies for Change of Land Use, exemptions and monitoring of terms and conditions.
  • Coastal Maritime Federal Zone: Processing and obtaining of title to grant Federal Maritime Zone, Trials of priority or invalidity, for other existing applicants of the proposed area.
  • Federal Office of Environmental Protection and State subsidiaries: Attention to inspections and defense in administrative procedures in various fields such as Federal Maritime Zone, Environmental Impact and Risk, Forestry and Wildlife.
  • Wildlife: Acquisition and Management of Premises containing Confined Wildlife (Predios o Instalaciones que Manejan Vida Silvestre de Forma Confinada-PIMVS)

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